Your Mini-Guide on Structuring Your Social Media Content 

Your Mini-Guide on Structuring Your Social Media Content

New Year, new me? Have you thought your new personal branding adventure is just a few steps away? Read and practice the following habits that will propel your social media content and start this 2024 with online presence.  


 1.Establish a Realistic Posting Schedule: 


Sporadic posting due to laziness and insecurities have damaged our take about posting consistently on social media. But if you start by organizing a reasonable social media schedule, you’ll see the positive effects in your personal branding. 


A realistic schedule can consist of two monthly posts on LinkedIn and two on Instagram or Facebook to maintain consistency. It’s important to avoid over-posting to prevent redundanc, but also be creative by varying what’s your audience and what are they looking for depending on the social media platform.  


2. Maintain Routine and Focus on Niche: 


Develope a tracking system in the first year to stay organized, you’ll see how this tracking system will transition into a vivid habit. Stick to a niche and routine. This will ensure consistency in posting and help you build a strong social media presence over time. 


3. Diversify Content and Topics: 


Advocate for creating a list of topics to post about, including events, new business ventures, achievements, and relevant articles. Highlight the significance of personalizing posts to engage the audience and maximize reception. I truly encourage you to posting before, during, and after events to optimize engagement and leverage the investment in attending. 


Remember that a predominant personal branding begins with small habits that later transform into daily routines, which in months, will impact your audience, your product, your service, your brand. 


By: Jorge Flores 


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