Attention management: Tools to succeed

So, this is the deal: You want to become more productive but do not know how to start? Do you think the problem is not having enough time to complete your tasks? Then, look at this article; you will master the art of a new kind of management in your life.

We think about time is how many things we can accomplish in a day. Following the same line of thought, we believe that we can become more productive if we know how to manage time. However, with a globalized world full of digital distractions, it is not time that we need to manage but our attention. 

According to award-winning author and trainer Maura Nevel Thomas, attention management is the ability to enter a state of flow and create a perfect environment that will motivate us to become productive. 

I firmly believe that managing our focus is even more influential than thinking about time management. Therefore, I lay out three essential tools for mastering your workplace environment. 

1. Place a “do not disturb” sign. 

Some people might think this tool is a little bit intense for open offices. However, its benefits can become crucial to increasing your productivity. What you are telling your coworkers is that you are under high focus, and they will respect this time of yours to finish your assignment. 

Of course, if you are a department manager, you can always advise everyone about certain situations in which they can interrupt your space. The point here is to let everyone know when you need to work without distractions. 

2. Practice productivity sessions. 

When we talk about flow in corporations, we mean to enter a moment of full attention to one task. So start timing 10 minutes on your phone that you will dedicate solely to work on an assignment without distractions. No checking your email, messages, or notifications. 

By practicing these ten or 15-minute sessions, you will notice that you can be way more productive in less time by putting your entire focus. 

3. Play white noise 

From now on, discover the usage of white noise. Studies affirm that it stimulates your brain to narrow your focus and increases your attention on a specific thing. So instead of playing songs, play white noise and experience the effects of it.

Attention management is the future of productivity, and I will make sure to share with you the latest and practical tools to master the art of productivity that can be applied in your work and personal life. 

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