3 questions that will make you recharge your productivity

We all get to a point where we wonder why if we work so hard, we still can't enjoy our activities as we would like. One of the factors to resolve this issue is productivity.

Productivity can be a concept that is often confused with obsessive work and long hours behind the computer checking emails and creating meeting invitations every week.

These three questions ask you if you are ready to enter the next level of productivity.

Question 1: What things do you do that are not giving you results?

For example, don’t you spend up to an hour in meetings but don’t have a defined focus? We have to question the things we do that don’t work to take a moment and change those repetitive habits that don’t work.

When I entered the world of entrepreneurship, I spent a lot of time in weekly meetings, thinking that if there was an update, it was better than I was there to handle the issues. However, some sessions had no reason to exist.

Instead, I delegated area leaders to be the ones to notify me of changes, and instead of holding a meeting, a simple call changed everything.

Question 2: What are those things that you would stop doing if you could?

Do you want to stop checking emails during the day? Stop micromanaging your team? Here is the answer. Create your wish list. Once it’s ready, put it into practice.

Audits are always the fastest way to find out if something works or not. For example, check how long it takes you each time you check emails, then substitute that time to do other things. Have you discovered greater productivity if, instead of checking emails every hour, you respond in an interval of 3 hours, for example?

Question 3: What is stopping you from making these changes?

Often, we do not make changes because of the fear of failure. Let us remember that entrepreneurs are those whose vision must be determined in the successful and disruptive difference in our lives. It is part of the process, take the risk, and you will see that sometimes our opinions tend to hold us back from productivity.

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