Want your resume stand out? Practice the following

Want your resume stand out? Practice the following 

Whether you want to keep your resume updated or apply for a new position, there are better ways to make your experience and recognition stand out to your employers.

We live in a fast-paced environment full of competition every day. The following strategies can help increase engagement for those looking at your resume. 

Learn and practice! 

1.Customize your resume for your industry

We often mistake giving a general resume to any employer we are about to apply to, but this needs to change. Instead, adapt your resume to the industry or area of workforce you are interested in. 

The more specific you are regarding your abilities and courses completed, the better your chances to maintain focus from job agencies and HR staff. 

You may also want to have a few different versions of your resume depending on the types of roles you want. For example, if you work in marketing and are interested in a few different roles within that industry, you can have one resume specific to content marketing assistant, one resume detailed for the digital content specialist, and one resume that is specific to email marketing.

2. Don't go wild with fonts and colors.

Even if you're a creative and want to showcase your talents, your resume isn't the best place to do so. Of course, your portfolio can be stocked with relevant work, but your resume should still be easy to read and formatted to look modern and professional.

You can add a border to your resume or use some color, but keep it as simple as possible. When creating a helpful overview, readability is enormous, so make sure any colors you use are easy on the eyes.

3. Use metrics

Employers always find it impressive when candidates use quantifiable information to let them know what kind of results they can expect from you. 

4. Never trash talk about your past employment

To enter the next level in your professional career, never talk negatively about your former job, boss, or team at another organization. Emotional intelligence plays a key role for your potential new manager in deciding if you are the best fit for the company. 

The goal of a successful resume is to get you to that interview phase and potentially receive the final employment offer letter. That is why getting these tips checked off your list guarantees a real opportunity!

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